Eric Bolling is a weirdo.

Eric was dismissed from Fox News in 2017 for sexting (to be precise) during work hours and with work colleagues. However, Eric was still able to secure an opening at Newsmax through the Right-Wing Media full-employment project and was offered his own show, "The Balance." Ironic, it's not.

This is day four or five of right-wing media slamming the Muppets for doing what they've always done, promoting healthy practices to the children in pre-school. It's a thrill for them to be reporting on things that actually took place!

Eric Bolling can't help it See?

Bolling suggested Tuesday's show that they'll have a "debateon the Muppets." Muppets. AGAIN. He's done it before. SEXTING To appear to be relevant.

After BRAGGING about every time Bolling has called out the Muppets (run the clip!) Bolling put on his anger cap and began chasing the children's icons once again.

This is not "the first time that these little-felt communists have attempted to infect our youngest and most vulnerable children."

"Guess what? The invitation is still open Miss Piggy If you or your emasculated Frog friend Kermit ever want to join this desk, it's absolutely free," Bolling said.